Sunday, February 26, 2017

{ Pictures and Happenings from April 2016}

In April,  we got a fun visit from Eric's Grandma, our nephew Mason, and Eric's sister Jessicca.  It was beginning to be Rainbow Trout fishing season here in Kentucky, so we went on an outing to Natural Bridge State Park and did some fishing one Sunday Afternoon. Our  good friend Abby Gordon came too. We had a hot dog cookout too.  It was a chilly day, but we had fun! They got to be here for about a week. Samuel and his cousin Mason had so much fun playing together! They are best friends!

Samuel and Mason fishing 

 Looks like Jessicca caught a fish!

 My sweet friend Abby worked so hard to figure out how to get Naomi's fishing pole ready to be used! 

 Mason casting his fishing pole!

 Samuel with a fish he caught 

 This little cutie Jasmine was my full time job so she wouldn't get things she wasn't supposed too, or get too close to the creek! She was almost 1 year old here! 

 The nice fish Mason caught!

 Enjoying herself! 

 Eric and our sweet friend Abby about to do some fishing!

 Samuel doing some fishing 

 Eric and Samuel fishing 

 Abby's nice fish. Naomi was her little fishing buddy!

 Eric with Little Grandma. She really enjoys fishing! I think Eric may have caught this one though!

 Little Grandma's nice fish! She caught a big one!

 Sweet Abby and her fishing buddy Naomi! Naomi adores Abby! 

 Jazzy and I 

 Jessicca fishing 

Mason and Samuel roasting hot dogs for supper at Natural Bridge State Park 

 Mason and Samuel eating their hot dogs 

 As it got later in the evening, we all were getting pretty chilly, so the children were snuggling up to me to get warm. I was wearing Jasmine on my back in my Boba carrier. She was my little "heater." 

 Jasmine being cute! 

 Naomi being silly one day before bed 

 Naomi with her baby doll one evening. 

 Sweet sisters ready for bed!

 Cute Jasmine! 

 Jasmine with a stuffed animal. As a sidenote, the little soft soled shoes she is wearing have been so wonderful and practical for her! I was blessed to win them in an online giveaway. 

 A Delicious drink of tea, Apple Cider vinegar, stevia, ginger, salt, and water. The "Trim Healthy Mamas" call it "Good Girl Moonshine." (No Alcohol is in it!)

 Naomi came brought me this pretty little bouquet of wildflowers one day! 

 Jasmine really enjoys doing this! 

Below: Naomi happilly looking at a book. 

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