About Me

My name is Hannah, and God has seen fit to bless me with a wonderful husband named Eric,  a precious little son named Samuel, a sweet little girl named Naomi, and another coming baby girl!

I am a stay-at-home mom and really enjoy it! We are on staff at a small Bible College in the out-of-the-way Kentucky mountains. My husband is a chef here, and we are they guys' dorm parents. My husband also teaches History and Bible at a local Christian High School, and he is  a trapper.  Neither of us are originally from Kentucky. I am from Louisiana and Texas, and my husband is from Michigan. We met here at college as students.

I home-birthed our son and daughter, and  am into  breastfeeding and cloth diapering,  baby-wearing,  and  healthy/natural living as much as I can.

I could be found wearing pretty skirts, fixing food so spicy my husband can hardly eat it, walking through a beautiful boutique, Watching "Call the Midwife",blogging and browsing blogs, reading novels and missionary biographies, browsing Pinterest, hanging out outside with my family, reading to my kids, or just cleaning the house!

Welcome to my life!